Spray Tanning

~Healthy Sunless Tanning~

Spray Tanning Body Treatment
All natural solutions that have no risk of orange or streaky effects; just bronzed and beautiful skin!  Treatment starts with an exfoliation of the skin followed by cleansing and pH balancing to prep your skin for longer lasting results.  Finish off your treatment with an all natural shade of your choice.  An amazing alternative to outdoor or sunbed tanning!  It is safe and healthy without exposure to the sun or artificial UV rays.  **Wear loose clothing**

  • 60 min. $60

Spray Tanning “Express”
Includes pH balancing exfoliating cloth, moisturizer and nose filter.  **Wear loose clothing**

  • 30 min. $32

Detox Scrub
Boost your tanning results while renewing your skin and stimulating your body’s natural detoxification process.  A blend of ancient volcanic ash, Mojave Desert minerals, herbs and organic oils that rince clean (never greasy), leaving your skin smoothed, energized and ready for a lasting tan!  **Wear loose clothing**

  • 45 min. $30

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